Reflexology for Wellbeing

Reflexology & Holistic Therapies in Retford, Nottinghamshire

Treatments & Prices

Zone Face Lift

£65 (75 mins)

£720 (Course of 12)

Pioneering a new way to naturally age well, Zone Face Lift is a wonderful, non-invasive facial treatment which naturally lifts your face and spirit.

This unique treatment brings together facial reflexology, sculpting & lifting massage techniques, Gua Sha for lymphatic drainage, crystals, facial cupping and holistic facial which all combine to work their magic. Zone Face Lift gently releases emotions in the face as you are guided through a transformative journey.

Zone Face Lift may be booked as a 75 minute stand-alone treatment or for optimal results a 12 week course is recommended as the benefits to your spirit & skin are cumulative.

Clinical Reflexology

£45 (60 mins)

The most relaxing treatment you could ever wish to experience. Whether you are looking for help in managing a specific health issue, or simply wish to enjoy the best possible levels of balance Reflexology is a powerful therapy that helps boosts overall health and wellbeing.

Treatments are tailored to suit your individual needs and designed to help tension float away as you relax and unwind in my private treatment room.

Facial Reflexology with Facial

£50 (60 mins)

Enhance your wellbeing & rejuvenate your skin with Bergman Method Facial Reflexology plus holistic facial.

We begin with head, neck and shoulder massage techniques before your face is cleansed and a beautiful facial oil applied. Gentle pressure is then applied to the reflex points on your face helping to release tension and emotions held in the face.

This deeply relaxing and soothing session is a much slower treatment in comparison to foot reflexology however the therapeutic and visible benefits speak for themselves.

Ultimate Top to Toe Reflexology

£65 (90 mins)

Experience 90 minutes of bliss in this combined Facial & Foot Reflexology session.

The ultimate Top to Toe Reflexology begins with soothing Facial Reflexology to help you slip into a deep state of relaxation. We end with foot reflexology to release any remaining areas of tension and encourage your body to rebalance. This ultimate reflexology treatment will leave your body, mind and face feeling wonderful.

Menopause: Facial, Hand & Foot Reflexology

£75 (90 mins)

£810 (12 week Programme)

This transformative treatment is designed to support your transition through each stage of the menopause and help you lead empowered, happier, and healthier lives.

Using a unique combination of Facial, Hand and Foot Reflexology this individually tailored treatment targets key reflexes to help reduce unwelcome perimenopause and menopause symptoms.

This is a truly wonderful treatment which by balancing energy flow and stimulating key reflexes can help alleviate common symptoms and boost your sense of wellbeing. The 12 week Programme includes general advice and lifestyle recommendations along with self-care tips you can use at home to support your treatment between sessions.

Facial Reflexology – Stress Buster

£40 (40 mins)

Feeling stressed but short on time?

This 40 minute stress busting facial reflexology treatment targets key reflex points on the face aiming to release muscle tension, reduce stress and promote a feeling of calm and renewed wellbeing.

Facial Cupping

£15 (15 mins)

Bring back your glow with anti-ageing Facial Cupping.

This ancient practice helps tone muscles and increase blood flow which in turn stimulates collagen & elastin production to plump and tighten the muscle structures of the face. It encourages lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness and help clear the skin. This treatment may be added on to your Facial Reflexology or Zone Face Lift treatment.

Reflexology for Maternity

£45 (60 mins)

An individually designed Reflexology treatment available at any stage of your journey. Whether you are seeking to enhance your natural fertility, experiencing problems with conception, or looking for a therapy to help you relax throughout your pregnancy.

Reflexology is a safe and supportive therapy which has been shown to be excellent in helping to alleviate common discomforts associated with pregnancy. It can also help reduce stress/anxiety and help restore balance and optimum health in your body prior to conception.

Reflexology NEPIP

£45 (60 mins)

Relieve anxiety or stress with Neuro-Endo-Psycho-Immuno-Pody or NEPIP.

This is a unique reflexology routine which involves treating both feet at the same time in a flowing motion. Exclusive to Level 5 practitioners in the UK, NEPIP is designed specifically to help manage stress/anxiety and aims to restore balance and peace to body and mind.

This is a truly wonderful treatment for accessing the nervous, endocrine, immune and limbic systems through specific techniques linked with powerful focused intent

Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage (RLD)

£45 (60 mins)

Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage (RLD) researched & pioneered by Sally Kay is an award winning technique which aims to cause an effect on the lymphatic system in the body.

Recent research suggests RLD may be helpful in the management of secondary lymphoedema following treatment for breast cancer. It may also be useful with other conditions such as Fibromyalgia, CFS, allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, and other inflammatory auto-immune disorders.

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are the perfect way to give a friend, colleague or loved one the chance to have a relaxing treat at any time of year.

My vouchers may be purchased for the amount of your choice, for a specific treatment or course of treatments. They come with free delivery and can be sent to the UK address of your choice.

All vouchers come with a 6 month expiry date and cannot be redeemed after that period. Vouchers are not redeemable for cash and cannot be combined with any other offer.

Please note my treatment room is upstairs so vouchers may not be suitable for all clients.

Notes for new clients:

As a holistic therapist it's important I get to know and understand you so I can provide you with a bespoke treatment to support your physical and emotional needs. Prior to your first visit we will complete a confidential health and wellness consultation which gives me an insight into your current wellness issues and enables me to deliver your tailored treatment.

At your first appointment we will briefly revisit the consultation to check nothing has been missed but don’t worry this will never eat into your actual treatment time.

Treatments take place in a private and quiet home based treatment room where you can relax on the cosy treatment bed. Many people become so relaxed during treatments they drift off to sleep so please don’t let this worry you.


You only need to remove shoes and socks to receive foot reflexology.

Facial Treatments:

Zone Face Lift, Facial Reflexology & Facial Cupping is not suitable if you have had Botox or fillers in the last 3 weeks.

Please note: Reflexology is not a therapy used to diagnose illness. It is not a medical treatment and does not cure, instead it facilitates healing within the body. Although reflexology works very well alongside conventional medicine, it should never be used in place of seeking professional medical advice.